Instructions for Chairs

The ISUF 2022 Conference will be held entirely live, and partially online. With about 300 presentations and the opportunity to meet again live, this time in Lodz and Krakow (for the first time in Central and Eastern Europe) and also online, the conference promises to be a great and unforgettable experience.

The Lodz-Krakow ISUF conference will be held over multiple time zones to accommodate all the presentations from scholars in more than 30 countries from all continents. The Conference open meetings will start at 10am (Summer Central European Time – GMT+2) time on September 7, and end on September 11, 2022.


The conference has a hybrid form.

Plenary Sessions are in person/hybrid during days 7-10 September 2022 (CEST time) and will be transmitted online in real time and recorded. Parallel Sessions in person (during days) and online (during nights) will be recorded and available to registered participants after the conference (2 month).

Needed links will be provided to registered conference participants.

Each paper’s authors in oral sessions have 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for the discussion.

Each poster’s authors in oral sessions have 10 minutes for poster presentation.  The poster’s authors are asked to upload their work on ExOrdo site (poster presentations) to form a poster exhibition, seen on conference site.

The Round Table Panel has 120 or 100 minutes (depending on the programme) for the general discussion on a given topic, which was formulated by the RTP chair. This chair invites several debaters to lead the session.

Authors are kindly asked to open their presentations form their own carriers; loaded before the session in a given room (in person) or directly in zoom (online).


Being in person Chair of the conference session

  • Find out whether you will be chairing a session organised in Łódź or Kraków.
  • Check in advance the exact venue of the session you are chairing (building, floor, conference room number).
  • Familiarise yourself with all the abstracts of the presentations that will be given during the session.
  • It is a good idea to introduce the presenters in 1-2 sentences (briefly) before each paper.
  • Each paper presentation should last no longer than 15 minutes (plus 5 minutes for discussion). Each poster presentation should last no longer than 10 minutes. Prepare yourself a time-counting device. It is good practice when chairing a session to let speakers know when the end of the presentation is approaching (e.g. 5 min and 2 min before the end time). This can be done by showing the speakers a printed sheet of paper (they will be available on site) with the number 5 and 2. The question session is best left for last – after all the presentations have finished.

Being online Chair of the conference session

A 2022 Lodz-Krakow ISUF will be held partially on Zoom Webinar. Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” on your device in advance: If the download does not work, visit the Zoom Webinar from a web browser on the day of the session. Make sure that Zoom version is up to date on the day of the session. All the sessions will be recorded.  Hosts will be responsible for starting the recording.

  • The access URL of the Zoom Webinar for Speakers and Chairs will be provided in advance. It will also be available on the conference website.
  • Chairs will participate as “Panelists.”
  • Each Chair will be supported on the technical side by trained Hosts during each Zoom session.
  • To confirm the speakers’ connection, visit the Zoom Webinar 15 minutes before the session.
  • Turn on video and microphone before the lecture, but do not forget to turn them off (mute) during the lecture, and turn them on again after each presentation.

Before the first presentation starts:

  • explain the rules: Use the “Raise Hand” button from the “Participants” icon on Zoom to ask a question,
  • remind the Presenters, that chat using chat for questions or comments is also possible, 
  • explain that questioners are supposed to tell their name and affiliation before asking a question,
  • when the speaker is absent, move on to the next presentation.

Tell the speakers:

  • to share the slides by clicking the “Share Screen” icon on Zoom right after the previous speaker is finished
  • to Unmute (1)
  • to start Video (2)
  • In a Q&A session, click the “Manage Participants” icon on Zoom to see who is raising a hand to ask a question. Unmute the microphone of the Questioner and let them ask a question (3)
  • to Share Screen (4)

Each Chair and Host of the ISUF 2022 conference sessions will have the opportunity to receive technical training on how to lead and manage the session. How and when the instruction will be provided will be communicated in advance. For more information about how the Zoom works and how to manage participants in a meeting  (with detailed explanation step by step + You Tube video manual) please visit the link:

You may also find this address interesting:

Please be aware that in case of communication connection failure we will not deal with individual’s connection problem and malfunction in device. You need to check your Internet connection in advance! Sometimes re-entering the Zoom conference room is recommended if the communication connection is cut off. Try to restart or use another device or communication line if possible, when you cannot re-enter Zoom conference room.

Please note that it is up to the Chairs of the exact sessions to select the most interesting papers for the ISUF 2022 post-conference book!